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Practice Brokers has specialized in healthcare practice sales and valuations since 1997.  Let our years of experience guide you in your buy/sell transaction.  Selling or buying a medical practice is a complex task with numerous financial, legal, tax, and career ramifications.  You need and deserve professional help.

Brokering medical practices

Selling a practice is a full-time job: packaging information, analyzing the practice and setting price, marketing, finding and screening buyers, arranging financing, communications with attorneys, accountants, lenders, real estate appraisers, etc.  For a matter this important, you want a specialist.  Let us help you to navigate the complexities of selling your business.

We We help you decide the “best” option for you to sell your practice, listen to your needs and wants to help guide you to a successful outcome. We care for both sides of the transaction and focus our energies toward being a “deal maker” not a “deal breaker.” Whether you have a general or dental specialty practice to sell, we have the experience in dentistry to understand all aspects of your business. You experience a practice sale that leaves you feeling secure, confident and reassured that you have made the right decision!

Full Service Practice Brokerage for Buyers and Sellers

We work nationwide and assist buyers and sellers in a number of areas:


      • Determining if now the right time to sell?  Or should you make some changes and wait a year or two for a lot higher sales price?
      • Helping first time buyers understand how to find the right practice for them.  Do you know the difference between the “perfect practice” and the “right practice” for you?
      • Partners buy-n and buy-of of ownership interest.
      • Pricing a practice to sell.
      • 2nd opinions and formal valuations of fair market practice value.  Are you an associate buying a practice from the owner?  Is the price the owner wants too high?  
      • Helping buyers understand requirements to get a practice acquisition loan.  
      • Providing assistance in preparing your practice for maximum value when you do sell.  6 to 18 months lead time may be required.
      • Buyer’s agent representation for buyers who have already found the practice they want to buy.
      • hourly consulting
      • expert witness testimony for sales, practice value, and assessment of practices for mediation, arbitration, court
      • periodic practice check-ups to see if your practice is still on track to meet your retirement plans
      • and more.

      Assisting sellers with exit and retirement planning.  For most sellers, your practice represents a significant part of your retirement.  Do you have realistic expectations of what your practice will se

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