Practice Sales and Valuations

$199 Practice Checkup &

Likely Price

How does your practice compare with industry peers?

Take advantage of this quick and easy service to examine your practice’s key performance indicators.  Find out where your practice may be underperforming.  Know in what key performance areas your practice is out-performing your competition.  Get an idea of what your practice might sell for on the open market.  Find out potential ways to improve practice value.  See where you can be making more money.

Why wonder and guess?  Find out now so you can plan for that eventual day when you will sell or retire.

How to get started

Simply complete a quick one-page questionnaire and provide last two year’s P&Ls.  For only $199 you get a Mini Practice Checkup & Value and 30 minutes telephone consultation with one of our practice professionals.

  • Quick Checkup Questionnaire
  • Current year-to-date and previous year's Profit and Loss Statements (or tax returns for the practice)
  • Year-to-date Profit and Loss Statement (example: Jan- Mar 2017)