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Practice Brokerage

MPB has specialized in heathcare sales and valuations since 1997.  Let our years of experience guide you in your buy/sell transaction.  Selling or buying a medical practice is a complex task with numerous financial, legal, tax, and career ramifications.  You need and deserve professional help.  Selling a practice is a full-time job: packaging information, analyzing the practice and setting price, marketing, finding and screening buyers, arranging financing, communications with attorneys, accountants, lenders, real estate appraisers, etc.  For a matter this important, you want a specialist.

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Practice Valuations

MPB provides appraisals for all purposes.  Whether you need a formal valuation for a buy/sell transaction, bank loan, lender underwriting, ligitation, divorce, or just want an informal second opinion MPB can help. We also provide critiques and reviews of other appraiser's valuation reports.  Let our experienced practice appraisers assist with your valuation needs.

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Equipment Appraisals

Need to know the value of your equipment? MPB can appraise a single piece of equipment or an entire clinic. 

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Practice Check-Up

The Practice Management Check-Up ($1,500) is designed as the ultimate practice management tool to benchmark your practice compared with industry norms. The focus of the report is on how to improve your practice value.  Get specific achievable recommendations for increasing the value of your practice.  In addtition to a written report, we will provide telephone consultation. We recommend doctors use this service every five years to ensure their retirement plan is on course.

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Buyer Representation

Have you already found the practice that you want to buy?  MPB can help guide you through the purchase process.  Whether you need full service representation, or just a second opinion, advice, or a sounding board. We offer a variety of ways to help practice sellers and buyers.  From traditional commission based seller's agent services, to buyer's agent representation, to hourly consulting support.  We offer a wide range of representation to fit everyone's budget and needs.

Hourly Consulting

Do you have a special project?  Want to talk to a professional and ask some questions?  Want some advice to avoid partnership disputes down the road?  Looking for custom help?  We can provide hourly consulting.  Whether you need 20 minutes or 20 hours we can help.  Call today.


Our professionals provide periodic seminars and websinars on the topics of Buying a Practice, Selling a Practice, and Valuing a Practice.  Want to schedule a special session for your organziation?  Just call us.

Speaking Engagements

Our professionals can fill your speaking engagement needs.  Anything from a small lunchtime meeting to a national conference.  We can speak Buying a Practice, Selling a Practice, and Valuing a Practice.  We can customize our talk with the topics and duration to fit your needs and time slot.